How Invisalign Braces Are Better Than Traditional Metal Braces

To straighten misaligned teeth years ago, the answer was metal braces.  They were originally all one color, until more recently when options for custom colors were introduced- adding at least some “personality” to them.  However, “customizable” does not necessarily make them “attractive”.  With today’s technology, patients are opting for Invisalign® orthodontic aligners rather than metallic braces.  Invisalign offers a preferable alternative to traditional teeth straightening.

InvisalignWhile braces certainly are an effective approach to straightening teeth or correcting an overbite, they are no longer the only approach to having the smile you have always wanted. There are several reasons to choose the Invisalign method.

6 Reasons Invisalign is Better than Traditional Braces

Before explaining why Invisalign is so great, note that Invisalign® is the brand name most associated with clear aligners.  There are other brands as well, all serving the same purpose of creating a more beautiful smile.  However, we recommend the Invisalign brand, specifically, because of its renowned quality and effectiveness within the dental community.

1. Appearance –

Perhaps the biggest advantage of Invisalign is they are almost invisible.  This option is especially nice for adults having dental work done, but don’t want your friends or coworkers to know.  Enjoy having your photo taken without feeling like all that is seen are your braces.  Invisalign won’t be noticed, and you can happily smile for the camera.

2. Ease of eating –

With traditional braces, there are dietary restrictions.  Foods like popcorn, nuts, and even bagels can be difficult or bad to eat as they can cause damage to the brackets and wires.  With Invisalign you simply remove them before eating.  There are no worries of food getting stuck in brackets and no fear of popping off a brackets or wires.

3. Removal –

Invisalign only needs to be worn 20-22 hours per day, so it is okay to take them out.  Chances are you won’t spend 4 hours out every day drinking or eating but there may be times when you want to take out the Invisalign.

Invisalign4. Brushing and Flossing –

One of the big drawbacks of metal braces is maintaining proper dental hygiene.  The brackets often cause food to be overlooked and not removed with brushing.  With Invisalign you just remove, brush and floss like normal.

5. More comfortable –

Invisalign attach flush to your teeth.  There is no irritation to the inside of your mouth or risk of wires poking into your gums.  There may be some discomfort as you trade out each retainer, but this is part of the realignment process, not due to the device, itself.

6. Fewer office visits –

You are given multiple customized aligners at one time, weeks in advance.   So, you are not required to come to the office for adjustments as often.  You will be given specific instructions about when to change aligners, and dental office visits are merely to track progress.  Also, Invisalign only takes 6 months to a maximum of 2 years, while braces may take 1 to 3 years to complete straightening teeth.

Be sure to confer with your dentist about Invisalign.  Not everyone can use Invisalign orthodontic aligners.  There are certain scenarios in which traditional braces may be a better option.  However, if you know a dental adjustment is looming, and can decide between traditional braces and Invisalign, talk to us at Marysville Family Dentistry.  Our staff will be happy to answer your questions and help you make the best choice for your needs. Give us a call today.